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  • The face of the E-1000 features a HD touchscreen as well as a modern exterior that can easily become the visual centerpiece at any optical lab.

The E1000-GP2 Lens Edger

To order, contact info@xraymdm.com or (909) 390-9313.
Usually ships within 48 hours, unless a backorder is required.

Product Description

Opticians know Dia as the leader in the optical edging industry, especially with its latest lens edger, the E1000 series. Lab technicians around the world know the E1000 for its state-of-the-art vertical wheel technology, featuring a 3D lens sensor and an HD touch-screen interface. The result is faster, more accurate and more reliable performance on any style and material of lenses.

This product page is only for the E1000 Lens Edger, not including accessories. We suggest completing the Dia E1000 family with the FD-80 Three-Axis Eyewire Scanner and LS-82 Computerized Lens Blocker, or get a major discount when you buy all three machines in a bundle.

Click here to download the Dia E1000 brochure.

Feature Highlights

Multi-Language Support: English, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Korean, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and German.

Available Lens: CR39, Mineral Glass, Polycarbonate, Trivex and Hi-Index lens

Fine Grooving: With step-by-step mode, opticians may now check the grooving-line and position in advance;  therefore, any grooving failure are significantly reduced.

Touch Panel Screen: With an HD color touchscreen, various layout program 'BOX' or 'OPT’ layout-style selectable, yet eyepoint, PD and FPD are also adjustable on the main screen.

Software Updates: Easily update the unit's software to improve performance.

Re-Edging Mode: It’s now possible to re-edge after de-blocking the lens cup.

Slippery Coat Edging Mode (S-Coat Mode): Cut slippery lenses, such as hydrophobic lenses, with S-Coat Mode, which is significantly more effective with the use of an anti-slip sheet.

The video below summarizes the features of the E1000 into an easy-to-consume three-minute clip.

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